Office Bearers

Key Office Bearers for 2018-2019 Season

Patron: Vicky Gunn

President: Mick Halaby

Vice President : Susan McClenaghan, Barbara Clayton

Secretary : Krista Nicholls

Treasurer: Paul McShane

Northern Tasmanian Athletics Representatives: James Anderson

Member Protection Officer : James Anderson (Trainee - Orysia Petterwood)- Newstead Athletics endeavours to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all our athletes, for more information see our full policy at the AT website  here

Committee: Orysia Petterwood, Lorna Wilson, Jennifer Tait, Jennifer Cook, Tristam Fitzallen, Natasha Adams.   

Life Members: 

Ian Luck †
Geoff Boon †
P. Smith †
William (Bill) Prosser
Mrs Dora Fry
Mrs M Moore
Vic Harris
Don Cox
Peter Singline †
Gale Singline
Denis Hickson
Shirley Brasher †
Peter Brasher
Robert Lee
Todd Hodgetts
Unfortunately there may be people missing off this list,  if you are a Life member and are not listed OR know of one, please let us know so that we can amend)


2018 Cross Country Season officials: 

Weekly Run director :
 Mick Halaby, Barbara Clayton - volunteers welcome
Handicapping Panel:  Mick Halaby (statistician and raceday official) Paul McShane 
Timekeepers:  Eric Welsh, James Anderson, Allison Maloney - volunteers required 
Finish Line Recorders : Orysia Petterwood, Sharon Bottle, Deb McKenzie -  volunteers required
Cross Country Registrar: Barbara Clayton, Allison Maloney
Photographer : Sue Fowler, Stewart Freak, Stuart Robarts
Course Marking : Mick Halaby, Jennifer Tait, Darren Sullivan, Barbara Clayton - volunteers required
Course marshalling :  volunteers required
School Series Co-ordinator : Barbara Clayton.
Raffle and lucky Draw co-ordinator : Adrian Tew
First Aid Officer : Orysia Peterwood, Susan McClenaghan, David Nicholls, Audra Anderson.
Promotion / Advertising / Results communications: Barbara Clayton, Lorna Wilson
New Member Liaison: Allison Maloney, Barbara Clayton, Committee
Membership officer: TBA
Member Protection Officer: James Anderson (Trainee - Orysia Petterwood)
Afternoon Tea: Volunteers


Webmaster: Barbara Clayton : Susan McClenaghan